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Antique Piano


Our impressive portfolio includes songwriting and co-writing credits on some of the biggest hits in UK music. We can work with you to create lyrics and music, or provide you with arrangements for your own lyrics, or even help to refine your existing songs.

Far from just working with chart leading artists, our relaxed environment is designed to help creativity flow in even the most inexperienced of songwriters.


Our proven track record in production has resulted in numerous chart topping and award winning records. 

In a relaxed environment fuelled by creative energy, we find synergies with our expertise and your creative vision to arrange and produce the music you want to listen to.

We LOVE breaking the boundaries of music and our impressive portfolio of modern and vintage equipment provides that unique sound you've been searching for.



Our mixes are proven to attract the biggest names in radio play.

We can mix our finished productions to ensure you have a world class standard of music ready to go, or we can create a new mix of your existing track.

And if you want something completely different with your existing track, we can create club mixes, radio edits, or pretty much whatever you've got in mind!

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